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Finding a tenant is one thing, managing a property and being on call is quite another. You might not have time to handle those little emergencies such as 'we've locked ourselves out' or 'the oven light's not working'. At the end of the day, you've invested in property with a view to making a profit. Working with us increases your chances of doing just that, without all the hassle.


Here's an overview of exactly what we do:


1. Sourcing of Tenants

It is one thing to get tenants for your rental property, it’s another thing to get the right tenants. At Bradley NI, we will ensure that proper screening of prospective tenants is done so that you have the maximum peace of mind when it comes to knowing exactly who is going to be living in your property.


A good property manager will also take time to call previous landlords and also look into the tenant’s employment history. The last thing you need is a tenant who can't pay their bills.



2. Regular Property Maintenance

Dealing with frequent calls from tenants is probably the biggest reason why landlords enlist the help of our services at Bradley NI. Sometimes the tenant’s needs are not very big but the timing and the urgency are. Failure to address these issues can result in serious problems with your tenants in the future.


Having a good property manager who responds urgently to all property issues will not only ease your burden but also ensure that your return on investment is the very best that it can be.


3. Rent Collection

If you already own an investment property, you will understand how cumbersome it can get when trying to collect rent from tenants on a weekly or monthly basis. At Bradley NI we have excellent systems in place to ensure the timely collection and payment of rents to you on a monthly basis. This includes property accounting and recording of charges expenses and the provision of invoices and statements direct to your inbox. There is no doubt that letting Bradley NI deal with the day to day running of your property will be a great investment.



Further information:


To discuss your property management requirements further, please call Aoidin O'Connor in our Newry branch.


Tel: 028 300 50633