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What is a HomeBuyer Report?

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The RICS HomeBuyer Report, a type of property survey recommended for home buyers are considered to be the intermediate level of property survey available, as they are much richer in detail than a basic Mortgage Valuation but less comprehensive and thorough than a Full Building Survey.

The HomeBuyer Report will not detail every single aspect of the building, but it does spotlight urgent matters that have a substantial effect on the value of the property and need attending to or further investigation. It will include all major sections of a property that are visible to the surveyor, so they will not lift up floors or carpets and wiring will not be included.

HomeBuyer Reports are completed in Northern Ireland by Bradley NI's RICS Chartered Surveyors.

If you have a property that is in need of renovation or that you intend to alter, we recommend you commission the more comprehensive Building Survey from a RICS Chartered Surveyor.

What is included in a HomeBuyer Report?

Documenting Floor Plans
  • Background information on the property and location
  • An estimate for the cost of re-building the property for insurance purpose
  • An assessment of any damp-proofing, drainage or insulation in the building. Drains are not tested
  • Condition of the building's timbers and checking woodworm or rot
  • Damp test results taken from the walls
  • Details of urgent problems which should receive specialist attention before signing a contract
  • Details of major faults in easy to get to parts of the property that may affect its value

Why do I need a homebuyer report?

RICS Survey Report
  • It will give you peace of mind if any problems are identified before you buy a house
  • The survey can allow for the reopening of negotiations with the house seller on the price
  • You could agree with the house seller that they complete any repairs before you move in
  • You may wish to rethink your purchase of that property
  • You can budget for any repairs that need to be carried out

How do I arrange a HomeBuyer Report?

You can arrange a HomeBuyer Report in Northern Ireland by contacting Bradley NI on 028 300 50633!

We provide quotes and estimated costs and can complete HomeBuyer Reports in Northern Ireland in less than 2 weeks.

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