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Affordable ideas to change the dynamic of your scheme, while staying on trend.

by Abby Connolly, Assistant Manager 


Want to breathe life back into your property, but don’t want to spend a fortune?

If you’re on a tight budget, you are most definitely not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled some easy decorating ideas to revive every room in your house and make a statement. All they require is a trip to the attic, a tin of paint, a little love and the tiniest bit of bargain hunting.


1. Keep it Simple...

Sometimes the best way to revive a room in your home is to strip it back and de-clutter. Less is more – it’s also the best way to showcase potential!


2. Statement Shelf

You cannot go wrong with a simple shelf. Whether it keeps your favourite reads to hand or displays unique trinkets. Shelves are practical, but also offer a way to add character to an otherwise plain painted wall.


3. Friends of Faux

Add some greenery- the perfect way to bring a hint of colour into a room. Not green fingered? Not to worry- there are tonnes of great fakes that look very realistic. Try browsing at your nearest TK Maxx.


4. Onwards and Upcycling

We all have that piece of well-worn furniture that is on the verge of being thrown out. Stop and evaluate. Could you upcycle it? You can give a wardrobe a new look with remnants of old wallpaper. Similarly, coats of paint/varnish or new upholstery are other stress-free ways to bring it up like new.


5. A little light, goes a long way

A perfectly placed candle can add the perfect accent to any room. In particular in the living room- whether it’s on the fireplace or the coffee table, it adds a relaxing glow and refreshing scent. For something different you could create a candle corner with an array of scents, perhaps on a mirrored tray.


6. Get a grip on things

One way to fashion a new look, particularly in the kitchen is to update or swap knobs, handles, drawer pull and light switch plates. Bar handles are popular and will suit any modern kitchen scheme, while cup handles and simple door knobs work well in a shaker-style kitchen.


7. The Mismatch

Haven’t found the perfect match? Or have your eye on a statement piece, but you’re worried it won’t fit with your existing pieces? Mismatched furniture is the way forward. Your kitchen seating is the prime example- different colours and styles can look great!


8. The power of reflection

A large mirror as a focal point can shift the dynamic of the scheme; it can make any room feel bigger whilst echoing the natural light around the room. Or why not choose a bright piece of artwork? Paintings and interesting prints tend to catch a person's eye, especially when centred on a bare wall.


9. The Illusionist

Hanging your curtains high gives your room a different outlook. If you mount the curtain rod 4 to 6 inches above the window frame it constructs the illusion of taller ceilings. If hung right, curtains can not only make your room look better but they can visually widen the window and draw in more light.